Mehmet Z. Sungur

Mehmet Z. Sungur is professor of psychiatry and former president of the psychiatry department at the Medical Faculty of Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Mehmet Z. Sungur received training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), sexual and marital therapies at the Institute of Psychiatry, Maudsley and Bethlem Royal Hospitals in London. He was accredited as a cognitive behaviour therapist by the UK Council of Psychotherapy and British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (BABCP). He is also certified as a cognitive therapist and supervisor by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT). He is a board member and has been elected as the next president of the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP). He is one of the past presidents of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy (EABCT).

Mehmet Z. Sungur's clinical practice covers a wide range of clinical syndromes with a special emphasis on cognitive behavioural treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, schizophrenia, posttraumatic stress disorder and sexual and marital problems. He published numerous articles in national and international scientific journals and presented workshops and keynotes in hundreds of national and international congresses. He played a leading role in the dissemination of the practice of CBT and sex therapy in Turkey. He established the Turkish Association of Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy (TACBT) in 1995 and is the chairman of this association since its establishment. He is also a founder of Sexual Education, Treatment and Research Association (CETAD) and organised numerous national and international meetings on the assessment and treatment of sexual problems in Turkey and elsewhere. He is also World Sexual Health Day Country Coordinator of Turkey appointed by WAS.

Mehmet Z. Sungur has received some national and international awards, the first one being "Schizophrenia Reintegration Award” and the recent one being "Gold Medal from European Federation of Sexology” which was presented to him at the 16th Congress of the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM) joint by 12th Congress of European Federation of Sexology (EFS) in january 2014. He also received "Julia Heiman Honorary Award" and recently "Lo Piccolo Award" for his contributions in the area of sex therapy. He has published more than 100 papers mainly about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and sexual disorders. He has also written books and book chapters mainly about CBT

Apart from BABCP, EABCT, TACBT, IACP Mehmet Z. Sungur is also a Diplomate, and Founding Fellow of Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT), a certified supervisor from ACT, member of Association of European Psychiatrists (AEP), American Psychiatric Association (APA), and Turkish Psychiatry Association (TPA). He is the past coordinator of the CBT and Couple therapy Task Force groups of Turkish Psychiatry Association and he is currently the coordinator of the Couple and Family Therapy Task Force of the Turkish Psychiatry Association. He is on the advisory and/or editorial board of many national and international journals including Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (an international multidisciplinary journal) Sexual and Relationship Therapy (journal of the British Association for Sexual and Marital Therapy), Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, Clinical Psychotherapy: Science and Practice, Cognitive Therapy and Research, Journal of Rational-Emotive and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and more than 10 journals published in Turkey. He is the co-editor of the Journal of Contemporary Behavioural Health Care. He was a member of the task force on certification and accreditation of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapists in Europe (EABCT certification and accreditation task force). He is also a member of the task force of EABCT on ‘Common Language in Psychotherapy'.

Mehmet Z. Sungur has currently committed himself to the training of mental health professionals in clinical applications of CBT and sex therapy both in Turkey and abroad. He has been the president of 7 international and many national congresses about CBT and sex therapy. He is running training courses and certified CBT training programmes for a large number of mental health professionals in Turkey and abroad.  He has run many workshops and has given keynotes and lectures in UK, Denmark, USA, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain, Poland, USA, Greece, Malaysia, Ireland, Japan, Germany, Malta, Hong Kong, France, Egypt, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Cuba and many other countries related to CBT and especially on sexual and marital problems.

Mehmet Sungur
Professor of Psychiatry
Psychiatry Dept of Marmara University Hospital, Istanbul
President of the Turkish Association for Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy (TACBP)
Former President of European Association of Behaviour and Cognitive Psychotherapy (EABCT)
President-Elect of International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP)
Executive Board Member of the European Federation of Sexology (EFS)
Diplomate, Founding Fellow Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT)
ACT Certified Supervisor, Trainer and Consultant
World Association of Sexology MESHC Member
World Sexual Health Country Coordinator